It’s that time of year again, the time where we all get merry and indulge in good foods. We spend far too much time feeling bloated and having naps on the sofa with the family around. I can safely say that for a lot of us, the fitness and health aspect generally take a back seat until January. So keeping active over the festive period. How do we do it?

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So, it’s a no-brainer that we are consuming a lot more calories than what we are burning.

Some people train constantly all year round and choose to take Christmas off. This means they can indulge a little bit, therefore it will not be too much of a shock to the system or have any risen anxiety levels when getting back into training in the new year. However, a lot of us are not athletes or do not train hard consistently, so I’d like to talk a little bit about keeping active over the festive period.

Keeping active over the festive period has a number of positive benefits. As we know it can improve health and minimise fat gain, so even if you are taking a break from exercise and the gym there are still a number of ways to keep active.

Here are a few;

Increase your step count

Christmas is a busy time of year and it is so easy to stay in the comfort of a nice warm home, but make a point of going for a short brisk walk. I find the best time is first thing in the morning, before you start the day.

Make your social events active

In December most people’s social lives become a lot busier, so instead of catching up for drinks and dinner, why not do something more active like go ice skating or make it a walking lunch.

Christmas Shopping

Instead of doing all your Christmas shopping online, then why not hit the shops? You can burn more than 150 calories in an hour just from a gentle walk. We all know Christmas shopping can be energetic, looking for and buying Christmas presents and Christmas groceries, so why not park that little bit further away? Embrace the burn with that extra walk carrying lots of Christmas goodies, do multiple trips with it and your step count will also increase! Win win!

Including an active sports play set in your secret Santa

Something simple like a net and ping pong bats and ball. Attach the net to the dining room table and there you have it, a table tennis game. Simple things like this that are fun are all going to add to keeping active.

Watch the festive drinking

People often forget that there are calories in alcohol, the same amount as fat, so choose your drink wisely with the minimal amount of calories. Vodka with diet coke is probably one of the best, weighing in at around 50 calories. Please remember to drink responsibly

Make use of a quiet gym

December in many gyms is the quietest month as there is always a decrease in members this time of year. Embrace this and enjoy the freedom without someone pinching your bench between sets while you head for the water fountain. HIIT workouts are ideal for a quick session if you are short on time.

Finally, just keep everything you do in moderation!

However you choose to spend your Christmas season, try to keep it full of activity and exercise of some form, as your body will thank you for it come January!

Here is a free 15 minute HiiT workout for you to try. There is no equipment needed, so can be completed at home or in the gym. This workout is great for increasing strength, stamina and fitness and is made up of a series of plyometric and strength movements.

Watch this workout on our virtual Hone Gym

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