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Gym vs Home Workout

Welcome to Hone gym blog’s. There is a long old question about whether it’s better to join a gym or to workout at home. So in this post we will be looking at the difference between using a home gym or going out and buying gym membership.

So you have made that decision to get fit and healthy, so do you join a gym or workout from home –  Gym vs Home workout.

Here are a few pointers on what’s right for you.


Working out from home will give you the most convenience as you will be able to workout when you want. This is not to say that gyms are not convenient, as many of them do have flexible hours these days. This still doesn’t stop the fact that you may still have to wait around to use a bit of equipment during peak times.


You will have to pay an initial cost for the equipment when setting up a home gym or just purchasing a few essentials, but after that you will be making a great saving. With a gym membership you will be paying a monthly or yearly fee for as long as you live, however this can be a good thing as when buying membership this will help motivate you.


There is little to no privacy when using a gym, but if you are working out at home you will not have to worry about what you like or what you are wearing, therefor you will be able to focus more on your training.


With a home gym you can exercise as much or as little as you like, as it’s so convenient. However you can still keep a good exercise routine being a gym member especially with the long opening ours with some gyms now days, even if you do have to go out your way a little bit to get to the gym.


Working out from home will be more hygienic as apposed to working out in a gym as only you will be using your equipment. You will not have to worry about who sweated all over the machine last and whether or not you need to clean it first.

Equipment choice

You will have a lot less variety in equipment and exercises when working out at home, therefor more difficult to rotate your workouts around. As opposed to working out in a gym where you will have a lot more variety in equipment and this will help stop you from getting board.


Going to a gym has its benefits as you will have trained experts nearby, you will be able to ask them for any advice on exercises and correct procedures. You will not have this when working out at home so you will have to do your research and you will still run a high risk of not carrying out the exercise correctly which will result in injury.


Gyms are a great meeting place where you can meet new and existing friends; this will always help you get to the gym and through your workout.


You will have to be able to motivate yourself when working out at home otherwise you will never exercise. At least when you attend a gym, once you are there you will generally do and complete your workout plus the added benefit of getting your monies worth when you are paying for gym membership. You may also feel guilty if you let training partners or friends down that you arrange to train with.

We hope this helped answer a few of your questions about gym vs home workouts and you have made your decision to either workout at home or in the gym?

Why not try one of these workouts? The first one is an upper body strength workout for when you are in the gym and the second is a full circuits class that you can follow at home and at your convenience. All you need is some sort of step and a medicine ball.


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