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08443 181 938

What is Hone Gyms address?


Coopers Place

Combe Lane (off the Petworth Rd)

Witley, Godalming

Surrey. GU8 5SZ


How do i join?

All of our memberships are processed online


Download our app from the app store or google play store

How long do i have to sign up for?

You can join for as long or as little as you like as we have no contracts. The membership will roll-over until cancelled.

Can I pay my membership by cash?

We unfortunately do not have a cash option. The only way you can set up a full membership is by setting up a Direct Debit online, which requires a UK bank account.

Is the website secure?

Yes, the whole of is secure, and any details entered will be encrypted before being sent to the server.

How secure is Hone gym?

Please don’t worry, HoneGym is monitored via extensive CCTV coverage with a number of panic buttons in the gym that you can also wear on your visit. They are a direct link to the Emergency Services and staff. We also operate an app system to access the club so we can also monitor who is going in and out at all times. Additionally to this, Hone gym will be staffed a majority of the day especially during peak times and when all classes are on, so we will be on hand if you need us.

Can I trial Hone Gym before joining?

Yes, you can sign up for a single days membership for £10.99. You can book and pay for this by clicking on a ‘day pass’ link and paying with a debit or credit card through through our secure site or through our app

Can i view Hone gym before joining?

We have a virtual tours along with a large picture and video gallery. You can also see a floor plan /  layout of Hone gym so you can see for yourself what it is really like, without the agro of coming in to see what it is like. You can come down and check us out if you’d prefer, but please let us know before hand. At Hone gym there is no hard sell, no lengthy forms to fill in or sales people who won’t give you the prices when you ask!

What is the minimum age to join Hone Gym?

You need to be 16 years old to join Hone Gym.

When does the first months payment come out of my bank?

Your first membership payment will be collected via direct debit around 4 days after you sign up/, this will cover your 1st months membership and the enrolment fee. Subsequent monthly payments will be debited one month after initial joining and will continue on or around the same day of each month thereafter.

Will I be issued with a membership card by Hone Gym?

We do not issue pins or gym cards, we have a phone app that you can download from the App Store which will have a check-in section. You will need to scan this every time you visit Hone Gym.

Why an enrolment fee?

We want to offer you the best experience for the lowest price. To ‘get you started’ however, there’s stuff that we need to do for you – like personalised access codes, payment security and verification, and member inductions – all of which are covered by the enrolment fee. Stay a member with us and you will never have to pay it again!

What membership is right for me?

We have a few options of memberships here at Hone Gym that should hopefully suit you. You have the option to pay monthly with NO contract from £29.99 a month and you can cancel any time.

Or, just use HoneGym for the day (within opening times) for only £10.99 or even a 3 day pass for £14.99.

What equipment do you have?

We have a wide range of upto date equipment. Please view our equipment page to fine out more >>

Are classes included in the membership?

Classes are included in the £39.99 membership option, You can upgrade or downgrade any time by clicking here.


My QR / Barcode app is not working?

When you clock in, please start pushing the door straight away until the door unlocks.


Please check to see if your direct debit has been paid. If not then please contact us for assistance.

What are Hone Gym’s opening hours?

Hone Gym will be open from 5am through until 11pm but the doors will restrict entry after 10pm. Lights and power are timed to switch off not long after 11pm.

Do you have WIFI access?

Yes we do.

Why are the lights off in the gym during opening times sometimes?

Hone Gym’s lights are all on timer to reduce our carbon foot print, therefore if there is nobody in the gym at any time then the lights will automatically turn off.

How do I get out of Hone Gym after the doors lock?

There is an internal door release button that is functional at all times.

Gym Rules & Regulations

All visitors must abide by our rules and regulations, so please make sure these are read before visiting. These are included in your sign up email and on the sign up page.

You can also read them in the gym and you must stay up to date with all rules and regulations as they can change over time.

Can I share or give my membership details to somebody else to use?

Under no circumstances can you give or share your membership with anybody else as it is unique to yourself. To protect the interests and ensure the safety of our valued, paying members, offenders will receive a fine or have their membership cancelled. All members entering and exiting the Gym are monitored by CCTV to further enhance member safety and prevent membership abuse.

Do I have to have an induction?

We do advise attending an induction but it is not compulsory, so why make you do something you don’t want to? But we do offer a free induction that can be booked via email if you would like one.

We also have an ‘equipment page’ on our website which explains in detail on how to use our equipment, which we also strongly advise going through before you participate in exercise at Hone gym.

Can I get a program or health check?

Yes, you can book a program or a health check with one of our qualified personal trainers at a discounted rate.

We also offer a virtual gym online. This is all completely free for Hone Gym members. There you will have access to a full exercise library, workout programs, eating plans and health and fitness tools so you can keep track on things like your BMI, BF% and more.

Will personal training be available?

Yes, this is available at an additional cost either on a one-to-one or group basis.

Can I change my direct debit date?

Sure, just drop us a message.

Can I freeze my membership?

Yes you can freeze your gym membership for £3 a month for all members. Around 7-10 days notice is usually needed.


Why should I freeze and not cancel my membership?

If you cancel your membership and rejoin in a few months’ time you will need to pay the £25 enrolment fee again. By freezing your membership you hold your place at Hone Gym and avoid paying the enrolment fee.

How do i unfreeze my membership?

If you need your membership unfrozen then please fill out the appropriate form


How do I cancel my membership?


Yes its that easy. (We advise around 14 days notice before direct debit due day and suggest you cancel the direct debit yourself after you have filled in the cancellation Form.)

If cancellation form isn’t filled in and the direct debit is automatically cancelled, we will assume that it is done in error and will confirm with you asking if this is correct. You will need to respond ‘No’ to keep the direct debit cancelled.

What if there is a fire?

Please read and follow the emergency procedure that is located on the gym wall.

Are there changing facilities and showers in Hone Gym?

Yes, we provide power showers, changing areas, lockers, toilets and hair dryers.

Are there lockers in Hone Gym?

Yes, bring your own padlock or alternatively you can purchase a padlock from us here at Hone Gym. Lockers are only to be used for the duration of your training session.

Does the facility include sauna, steam, spa and pool?

We are offering a high quality, exercise and gym facility with no ‘thrills or fuss for a very low cost, so therefore have opted not to have a sauna, steam, spa and pool.

Does Hone Gym offer Car Parking?

Hone Gym does offer car parking and is absolutely FREE. Please park in any space despite their being a name on it.

Do you have classes at Hone Gym?

Yes we do. Classes are for upgraded members or you can buy a pass online.

We are always growing our class options.

Can I attend the classes, even if I am not a member?

Yes you can. You can buy a pass online for £10.99, this also gives you free gym access for the whole day.

Do you have class instructor or are they virtual?

Our classes at Hone Gym are run by qualified instructors employed by us. We do offer virtual classes also.

How do I enquire about the treatment facilities?

Directly with the therapists.

What weight do the dumbbells go up to?

Our dumbbells go up to a whopping 50kgs

What is the weight range of the kettle bells?

The kettlebell weights range from 4kg – 40kg and come as pairs.

Can I Rent Hone Gym’s Studio?

Yes you can. Please contact us through our webpage.

Where can i buy HoneGym apparel?

You can purchase HoneGym apparel such as hoodies and t-shirts through our app by clicking on the store tile. Alternativelt you can contact us with your order.

You can check out what we sell here


Do you have a phone app to download?

Yes we do. Our app is a revolutionary fitness app that has been developed in line with psychological research and directly tackles the key emotional reasons that drive people to quit their fitness routine.

How do i get the Hone Gym app?

You can download it from the apple and google store. Alternatively, there are QR codes to scan around the gym or in emails that are used to correspond with our members.



What Features are on the Hone Gym Phone App

There is a library of high quality exercise videos.

Personalised Workouts straight to your phone

Make your own workouts

Nutrition & Recipes

Track & Monitor

Heart Rate Control

Socialise with existing members.

Check-In to Hone Gym.

Bluetooth ready for heart rate monitors and smart watches.

Joining process

Pay membership fees

Online Shop

Reward scheme

How do i get a password for the Hone Gym App?

You will receive a password via email after joining Hone Gym online or through the app. Please email us if you need a new one.

How do I access virtual workouts & recipes

When you join on a monthly membership, you will have access to all of this via our Hone Gym app that you can download in the App Store or Google Play

Is the HoneGym app and online content free?

Free for all Hone Gym members. or £9.99 a month.

We also offer a free 30 day trial for the app content

How do I change my username or password?

Click on the ‘forgotten password’ link on the Hone Gym app or email us and we will rest it for you.

Whats the selection like?

We have plenty of work out videos for you to chose from with plenty of variety. whether its a quick stretch you want or a sports specific work out.

We are always adding new workouts on a regular basis.

What can I use to stream Virtual workouts to my device?

You can watch and follow instantly from any device that is connected to the internet such as computers streaming players, phones, tablets and internet/app TVs

You can also mirror link Hone Gym from your smartphone or tablet to your smart TV. You are also able to connect to a TV via your smart device or computer with a necessary lead.