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The importance of exercising after child birth. Also known as post natal.

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In this blog we will be talking about the importance of exercising after giving child birth (post natal) exercise.

While enthusiasm for regaining a post pregnancy body and shape might be high following child birth, it is vital to start any exercise regime at a suitable level considering the trauma the body has just gone through, especially to the abdominal and core area.

The core and stomach is an area that is of particular interest post-natal and common stomach exercises, such as the Plank or Crunch which form the basis of so many exercise DVD’s and group classes, will do more damage than good and place far too much strain on the abdomen and back. So learning to walk before running is definitely recommended when re-starting exercise.


The core/trunk consists of four layers of muscle; the rectus abdominis or‘six pack’, the external oblique, the internal oblique and the transverse abdominals. To begin with the focus needs to be on the transverse abdominals (TVA), they stabilise the pelvis and spine and also help child birth but most importantly when trained and strengthened give a flat belly!

Some consequences of child birth can be urinary incontinence and vaginal and perineal damage but exercising the TVA correctly along with the pelvic floor exercises can improve this no end.

The 6 TVA exercises are a perfect way to start to begin re-gaining strength and shape in the stomach area safely. They begin very gently focusing on a correct breathing pattern which starts to stimulate the TVA before moving on to basic floor exercises. It’s important to master one before moving on to the next, it’s easy to compromise on form if the exercise is too advanced, so it’s wise to take time. The exercises do not require any equipment and can be performed in the comfort of home and they only take 5 minutes to complete. Start by doing 1 set of 10 reps per day, after 3 days do 2 sets, after 3 days do 3 sets, and then increase the reps gradually up to 20 reps then and only then attempt the next exercise.

The 6 following videos are tutorials on how to perform the TVA exercises for post natal.

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